Instagram vs. Vine

There is this new app that has taken over my life. I constantly sit on it day and night being entertained. At first I didn’t get the concept and put it on the back burner and never really explored its potential. I am an avid Instagram user and have continued to be. I understand the concept, and use it to its full potential. Now one of the features I love about Instagram is that its only pictures. I do not have a Facebook, because I’m tired of people always complaining and spilling their dirty laundry to everyone. It’s not attractive and I hate it, so I deleted my Facebook and have only been using Instagram. I do use Twitter from time to time, but its not my favorite social media site.

After seeing someone else use an app that wasn’t Instagram, Twitter, etc; I decided to give it a second chance. Now, Vine has taken over my world. I personally do not make videos, but I do re-post other people’s videos that I follow. Vine came on the scene earlier this year and hasn’t stopped exploding. Created by Twitter, Vine is an application that allows users to develop and create six second videos. Some may think this would be a hard task to take on, but after watching some of these elaborate videos created, it doesn’t seem that hard of a task at all.

Shortly after Vine came on the scene, Instagram then updated its software to allow their users to also create videos, longer videos at that. Many people thought this would be the death of Vine, but it has only grown stronger. One man has a very interesting take on why this is. Tim Baker is the Vice President of digital strategy with MWW, and he has come to a conclusion that seems very viable to this question. In comparing Facebook to Instagram, these are more of the personal accounts of people that do not venture far off into the creative and self-promoting social media sites. Whereas we see Twitter as a huge self-promoting social media cite, along with marketing, social networking and huge public relations tool. Baker is suggesting that Vine is and could be very similar to that of Twitter. It is a massive platform for creative people to come together and develop these videos to promote themselves, friends, or maybe just for fun.

Personally, I can see how this would be completely true. I didn’t like Facebook after a while just because of maybe the people I was following but I love Instagram. While one can be creative in photography, most people are just documenting their own personal lives. The videos I see on Instagram are no where near the excalibur of those that are on Vine.

As for maybe using this app for a public relations tool, this could very well happen. If the right people were to be involved and the right video was to be edited, then yes this could be another huge tool for public relations. Since the app itself hasn’t even turned a year old, I think it’s something that could be explored and developed within the next six months.

Regardless of whether this turns out to be another Twitter, for people to use for networking and promotion tool; I personally will still love this app. I will probably continue to be on it until the wee hours of the night when I should be sleeping instead. Thank you social media for completely messing up my sleeping schedule.

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I am currently a senior at the University of North Texas, finishing up my last semester. I'm working towards my bachelor's degree in public relations with a minor in management. These are my thoughts.
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